How to Set Work Goals – A Place to Start

Knowing how to set working goals is one of the skills that
separates people who remain on the same dead-end job and those who move to
better jobs and upper levels of government. When you cook all the fluff,
jargon, etc. Any successful business, it’s all about setting goals. In fact,
almost every company of any size has a so-called mission, and this statement is
nothing more than an overall goal that summarizes the overall picture of what
the firm is trying to do.

Unfortunately, you do not get any classes in college about
how to set working goals. This is sad because if we had such classes in
college, and anyone who received a bachelor’s degree in business had to take
it, American productivity would probably be much higher than it is now. Anyone
who does not work to achieve the goal just turns the wheels and stagnates. And
do not think that your bosses will not notice.