How to Set Achievable Goals

The definition of the goal was described as an “internal technology of success.” This is one of the most important activities of your organization. If not taken seriously, this vital planning task will be useless, creating only a few high-sounding intentions, which for various reasons are soon forgotten. So, if you need complex and achievable goals, you must consider these basic principles.

1. Make sure your goals are realistic.
A goal that is too high or at high risk, with little chance of achieving, leads to disappointment and surrender. For example, it’s easy to argue that the goal of the year is: “Increase production by 150%”, but completely unrealistic with insufficient resources and unrecorded personnel.

2. Keep your goals simple.
If the goals are complex, it is unlikely that they will be clear and specific enough to focus efforts and mobilize the necessary resources. Clear, simple goals give the staff an unmistakable idea of ​​what needs to be done.

3. Develop your goals.
When goals are imposed, rarely someone becomes associated with them. Develop goals with those who will be responsible for their achievement – your employees. Goals become a business, and thanks to personal participation, everyone will be more inclined to work towards their achievement.